David Keller is an adventure and portrait photographer based out of Brooklyn, New York. While his background includes a degree in marketing and advertising experience, his creative side emerged when he began experimenting in video production in college. After experimenting with music videos, David's first film was officially selected and premiered at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. This began his obsession to turn side projects into something bigger than he had imagined. After graduating with his marketing degree, David moved to Brooklyn, New York in pursuit of accomplishing many creative goals. 

Shortly after moving to NY, David was recognized by Buzzfeed as a top Instagram user to follow to vicariously travel the world. Since then, he has also been featured in a variety of other publications including: The Instagram Blog, NewYork.com, Mashable, NBC New York, COOPH, and Streetwear Today.

If interested in working with David, or in being a part of his Free Portrait Project, feel free to reach out.

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email: thedavidkeller@gmail.com